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Weight Management And Nutrition Specialist

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Nearly 14 million children are medically obese today, and many kids are picky eaters and don’t get adequate nutrition. At Palisades Pediatrics LLP in New City, New York, the talented team understands the challenges of weight management for children and can customize solutions just for your child’s needs. Caring pediatrician Dr. Evelyn Ha, MD, FAAP, is ready to design a personalized weight management plan, so call the office or request an appointment online today.

Weight Management and Nutrition Q&A

Is my child overweight or obese?

During every well visit and annual physical exam at Palisades Pediatrics, Dr. Ha monitors your child to make sure they’re at a healthy weight. This monitoring is important because it can be hard for you to identify unhealthy changes when you see your child every day. 

If you’re concerned about your child’s weight, it’s important to speak with Dr. Ha soon. Some children can go from a healthy weight to being very overweight or obese very quickly, so the sooner you start weight management, the better your child’s health will be. 

How does weight management for children work?

At Palisades Pediatrics, Dr. Ha uses a natural approach to weight management for children. With her extensive background in holistic medicine and focus on nutrition, she achieves excellent results using a multifaceted approach that includes:

Nutrition counseling

In nutrition counseling, Dr. Ha reviews your child’s diet and test results to determine what kind of nutritional deficiencies they have. She advises both you and your child about healthy eating and makes specific suggestions to help you implement a healthier diet at home. 

Wellness supplementation

Dr. Ha may recommend wellness supplements from nutraMetrix® to help your child reclaim a healthy weight. Children often don’t store sufficient essential vitamins and minerals, which means they need supplements to help them properly derive energy from food. 

Supplements will help your child achieve better natural immune support, improved muscle growth, better bone health, enhanced neurocognitive function, and healthy overall development. 


Regular exercise plays an important role in weight management. Dr. Ha educates you and your child about the health dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and then helps you find physical activities that your child can engage in daily. 

Dr. Ha carefully evaluates all aspects of your child’s life and health to find any potential physical or mental health issues that could be contributing to their weight difficulties. 

She helps your child overcome those issues in the most natural way possible using holistic healing and other safe and effective methods. 

How long will it take for my child to get to a healthy weight?

Reaching a healthy weight is a natural side effect of improved whole-body health. As your child changes their eating habits and lifestyle and starts taking the right supplements to correct nutritional imbalances, they gradually lose excess weight in a healthy way. 

Kids won’t feel like they’re on a diet with the weight management program because instead, they’ll learn a whole new way to eat and live for long-term health and wellness. 

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