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Ear Piercing Specialist

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As a parent, you might be understandably worried about the safety and cleanliness of ear piercing at the mall (or, worse yet, at home). But know this: Your child doesn’t have to risk infection to get adorable pierced ears when you trust the medical ear piercing experts at Palisades Pediatrics LLP in New City, New York. Experienced board-certified pediatrician Dr. Evelyn Ha, MD, FAAP, uses the Blomdahl® medical ear piercing system to guarantee 100% safety. Call the office or request an appointment online today.

Ear Piercing Q&A

When is the right age for ear piercing?

When performed by Dr. Ha, ear piercing is very safe at any age but is recommended at 4 months of age or older. 

Before performing the ear piercing, Dr. Ha examines your child’s ears to make sure their lobes are developed enough for the procedure before proceeding. 

How do you perform medical ear piercing?

At Palisades Pediatrics, Dr. Ha uses the industry-leading ear piercing system from Blomdahl.

Dr. Ha consults with you and your child to determine the exact spot for the piercings. She disinfects the ears and then performs the piercing.

Dr. Ha uses the state-of-the-art piercing guns to create the holes. It takes just a fraction of a second to insert a pair of hypo-allergenic medical-grade plastic or titanium earrings, and your child is all set. 

How do I prevent infection after my child’s ear piercing?

Blomdahl earrings are specially created to reduce infection risk. The earring posts are a bit wider than usual, which eases the transition into standard-size posts later. 

The earring backs stay securely clipped to the very tip of the post. This allows for plenty of air circulation and encourages efficient healing. 

Dr. Ha gives you specific aftercare guidelines for the healing period, which is generally 6-12 weeks. It’s important to clean the piercings once or twice a day with special cleansing swabs provided in the aftercare kit. 

It takes some patience, but be sure to wait the full recommended period before swapping your child’s earrings out for new ones. Changing the earrings before ears are fully healed could increase the risk of infection and scarring. 

Fortunately, the wide range of Blomdahl earrings is stylish, classic, and charming enough to suit any child (and parent) preferences. 

For your child’s medical ear piercing, call Palisades Pediatrics today or request an appointment online.