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Newborn Care And Lactation Support Specialist

Palisades Pediatrics LLP

Board Certified Pediatrician & Integrative Health Care located in New City, NY

Nearly all new moms emphasize that a strong support system is one of the most important parts of navigating the newborn period. At Palisades Pediatrics LLP in New City, New York, you find all types of newborn care from a dependable and experienced team. Dr. Evelyn Ha, MD, FAAP, and her team offer routine newborn care, chronic care, post-neonatal ICU care, lactation support, and everything else you and your baby need to thrive. Call the office or request an appointment online.

Newborn Care and Lactation Support Q&A

When should my baby have their first newborn visit?

In most cases, you should schedule your baby’s first newborn visit with Dr. Ha when they’re 2-3 days old. However, if your baby was premature or had a prolonged stay in the neonatal intensive care unit, Dr. Ha adjusts the newborn care schedule for the situation. 

Palisades Pediatricseeeeee provides routine and chronic care and coordinates specialized care for all newborns, whether it was an uneventful full term birth or your child has special needs. 

The first visit is a great chance for Dr. Ha to get acquainted with your new addition, as well as for you to get some much-needed parental support. 

What is the newborn care schedule?

Your baby grows in leaps and bounds during their first year of life, so having a regular schedule for newborn care is essential. At Palisades Pediatrics, Dr. Ha makes it easy to get the newborn care your baby needs through regular well-baby visits. 

A typical well child care schedule for the first year includes appointments at the following intervals: 

  • 2-3 days after hospital discharge
  • 2 weeks
  • 1 month
  • 2 month
  • 4 month
  • 6 month
  • 9 month

This is only a general well-baby schedule, so if you have any concerns about your child’s health between these visits, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Ha and the team for support and an interval visit. 

How do you help with newborn care?

At Palisades Pediatrics, Dr. Ha and the caring team do much more than just check your baby’s physical health. They also help you learn how to look after your newborn in the best way possible. This can include a wide range of support and advice about topics such as:

  • Umbilical cord cleaning
  • Circumcision care
  • Swaddling
  • Feeding
  • Sleeping
  • Bathing
  • Bulb syringe use
  • Medication use

Palisades Pediatrics supports breastfeeding 100%, but they understand that it can sometimes be challenging to get started or to maintain your milk supply. Dr. Ha offers lactation support resources and remedies- and can help you obtain donor breastmilk to help assist you on this journey. 

Dr. Ha partners with lactation specialists to arrange in-home consultations, and with the New York Milk Bank for donor breast milk when necessary. 

A new mother can enjoy amazing peace-of-mind knowing that one of the area’s leading pediatricians is looking after her baby. Call Palisades Pediatrics or request an appointment online to arrange your newborn care appointment now.